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“Using movement and your intuition as anchors, Valerie explores how to build your confidence from deep within to catapult you in boldly achieving what matters to you most in life.”

Rev. Dr. Joanne Coleman

Staff Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center, Los Angeles

3 Easy Steps to Empowerment

Ultimate Life Mastery & Personal Development

Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence

Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence unveils a dynamic, revolutionary, and interdisciplinary approach to living your dream life by delving into the unique intersection of dance/fitness, personal growth, and spirituality. Using movement and your intuition as anchors, Valerie explores how to build your confidence from deep within to catapult you in boldly achieving what matters to you most in life.

Valerie shares inspirational and actionable tools to help you master success, quit the job you hate, set solid boundaries in your relationships, move out of your comfort zone, put yourself first, and ultimately, live a passionate life on your own terms.

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Who I Wrote This Book For

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If you are someone who wants to transition into the “real world” with confidence and clear direction about your purpose and desires without compromising your passions, then this book is for you

If you're always putting other people before yourself, then this book will help you get in touch with your desires and dreams to start putting yourself first without guilt

If you are dissatisfied with the 9 to 5, then read the book for the proven strategies and tools to transition you into your dream line of work!

This book delves into the unique intersection of fitness, personal growth and spirituality to help you live a life with greater authenticity and connection

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Read more about how Valerie builds your confidence from deep within to catapult you towards success. Learn the secret inspirational and actionable tools used by the incredibly successful to boldly  accomplish what they set out to achieve. PLUS, get an exclusive first look at the chapters and foreword of Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence today!

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Meet P. Valerie Dauphin, an Award-Winning Author, Certified Life Coach, Dance/Fitness Instructor, and Creator of The Rock Your Life Danceshops™. She is the Founder of Feel Good Kick Ass, an innovative coaching and training enterprise that empowers and inspires students through shared tools & strategies to help manifest a life driven by your dreams and desires.

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