Reviews | Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence
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Hear what thought leaders within the dance/fitness, spirituality, and transformational development fields are saying about Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence by Award Winning Author, P. Valerie Dauphin.

Skip Jennings | Transformational Coach and Owner of Mind Body Spirit Solution LLC


“We’ve built a society with tremendous opportunities to thrive, but sadly, so many people don’t. Between naysayers and self-doubt, too many have let go of their heartfelt desires and lost touch with their deep inner wisdom. Unlocking the power of your body and building a practice that incorporates your mind and spirit is critical to you thriving. In keep-it-real fashion, Valerie beautifully shows you how to access and actualize your intrinsic thriving nature through body, mind, and spirit.”

Rev. Dr. Joanne Coleman | Staff Minister at Agape International Spiritual Center Los Angeles

“This book captures the value and importance of embracing and integrating all of you (spirit, body, mind) so that you can be the vibrant powerhouse that you actually are and create the magical life that is yours for the taking.”

Misty Tripoli | Creator of The GROOVE Method® and Founder of The World GROOVE Movement™

“What makes you you? Is it your body? Your soul? Your mind? How do you dynamically walk this earth with deliberate intent and a graceful flow to bring your dreams to life? If you’ve ever wondered how to make peace with and meld the different aspects of what makes you you, take Valerie’s words to heart. She lives what she writes and will show you how to connect deeply with your essence, be unapologetic about it, and take action on what really matters to you most!”