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About the Book

How do you gain that undeniable trust in yourself to live life on your own terms?


Do you trust that following your intuition leads to the life you desire to live?


Do you trust yourself?


This book is for the person who’s ready to take action to begin living the dreams and desires of their heart.  I’ll teach you how to live on your own terms, live the life you desire and unlock more self-trust and in turn greater confidence!


This book will teach you how to cultivate that inner confidence and ultimately develop trust in yourself. It will inspire you to take that uncertain path and thrive in it. From a place of pure honesty and open-hearted excitement, you’ll learn how to confidently just do you.


FGKA Confidence involves the entire being – spiritual, emotional, and physical. It’s about cultivating the inner trust that leads to a feel-good experience that extends into the action of kicking ass at whatever you do.


Use the power of your body to rock out your life, to create your dream life and to transcend your limitations. Through these pages, tap into your inner knowing and dance forward in your life with passion and enthusiasm.

Who Is This Book For?

Do you want more out of life and know there’s something more?

Are you in a job you hate or do you feel like you've settled?

Do you feel like you haven't given yourself permission to acknowledge what you really want?

Do you have a degree that looks good on paper but doesn't feel like real achievement or success?

Do you want to stop caring about what other people say you should be doing with your life?

This book is for you if you are in that sweet spot of asking, “What’s next?” in your life.

Achieve Bliss, Serenity, Excitement, Nourishment and Fulfillment Today!


Read Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence’s  Book Chapter Summaries exclusively here!

PLUS, get your first look at a segment of the book’s Foreword right here!

Chapter 1: Your Rockin’ Dreams and Desires

This chapter gets the reader in touch with what you want on the surface and at a deeper level and goes into an explanation of external desires and essential desires.  This chapter also discusses the possibility of living a feel-good life even without the external desires, because you’re deeply in tune with those essential desires.

Chapter 2: Those Knock-You-On-Your-Ass Limitations

A discussion about limitations or beliefs that stand in the way of you experiencing your dreams and desires. This chapter discusses the development of limitaions and the difference between internal (self-imposed) and external (adopted from others) limitations.

Chapter 3: Moving Your Body Rocks Your Confidence

As The Dancing Life Coach, I use dance as part of my transformational coaching and workshops. This chapter goes into my history. How I got involved with movement in dance and fitness, namely how I went from being grossly insecure in my body and afraid to dance in front of others to becoming an instructor and facilitator of not just fitness, but freedom and life success through movement. I highlight 4 reasons why the reader will want to embark in a group fitness or group dance practice to develop their confidence. I also discuss the styles of dance I work with and why: House, African, Latin styles (Salsa, Samba, Merengue).

Chapter 4: Rock Your Spirit

Discussion about keeping it real in spirituality and religion and how staying true to who you are in the face of dissension brings you closer to the actualization of the desires you identify; the importance of connection with spirit, and what that might mean for an atheist. How your spiritual connection provides a vital access point to the essential desires developed in Chapter 1. Consulting your spirit is critical to you aligning with your dreams and desires. I also discuss what to do when your community’s viewpoints on spiritual matters no longer aligns with what your heart is telling you.

Chapter 5: Rock Those Mindshifts

Revisit limitations from the topic of mindshifting, which is simply a shift in perspective or belief from feel-bad to feel-good. You will learn processes to begin to shift the limitations identified in Chapter 2 by getting real, admitting your truth, and giving yourself permission to have what you want.

Chapter 6: A Rockin’ Blend of Body Mind Spirit: The Rock Your Life Danceshops™

Previous chapters have looked at body, mind, and spirit separately, with some overlap in how different areas relate to each other. In this chapter, you will discover the conscious combination of body, mind, and spirit in a format I developed called The Rock Your Life Danceshops™, or TheDanceshop Experience™. The Danceshop is a laboratory for personal and professional transformation and bringing dreams to life.

Chapter 7: Rock That Envy into Power

Discusses how to deal with this dubious emotion and how to transform it into power and fuel to bring desires and dreams into your life.

Chapter 8: Rockin’ Confident Day at a Glance

You will learn a set of practical things to do to rock your day-to-day living and remain in alignment with your dreams and desires throughout your day everyday. Includes 8 tips on what to do if some unexpected unfortunate thing happens that knocks you right on your ass.

Chapter 9: The Keys to Your Feel-Good-Kick-Ass Confidence

A discussion about why the most important thing in life is to feel good and you’ll learn five keys to living with feel-good, kick-ass confidence.


If you embrace the words in FEEL GOOD KICK ASS CONFIDENCE, you can’t help but to become the embodiment of feeling good, kicking ass, and being confident. If you’re someone who has lost touch with those things you’ve most wanted to do with your life, read this book. If you’re someone who has difficulty expressing your most authentic self and putting that authentic self first at work and in relationships, read this book. If you’re tired of denying yourself the experiences in life that you’ve been yearning for, you must read this book.


This book shows you how to use your beloved body to become more closely connected to your dreams and desires. Instead of running away from your body’s sensations and feelings, as so many people do with body image issues running rampant, this book shows you how your body can be your ally to experiencing your heart’s desires. I trust Valerie’s expertise as she has not only studied this material, but she has walked this very path herself, which enables her to embody what she has written at the deepest level.


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